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I think I'm on a Space craze today.
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If you could make a planet in a shape other than a sphere, what shape would you make it?
2 deviants said Cube
1 deviant said Diamond
1 deviant said Other
No deviants said Oval
No deviants said Pyramid
No deviants said A loop

:bulletgreen: = Important Event
:bulletred: = Notable Inhumanity Event
:bulletblue: = Notable Humanity Event
:bulletpurple: = Main Character Event
:bulletblack: = Death or Destruction
:bulletpink: = Love, Marriage or Birth
:bulletwhite: = Birth/Discovery of new species
:bulletyellow: = Secondary Character Event
:bulletorange: = Random Event

Echoes of the Past and Present Arc:
:bulletgreen: - Twilight's group and the other Resistance group merge into one and share the base.
:bulletred: - The substitute for Judgment Joker appears and forces one inhumanity to attack the resistance.
:bulletorange: - Uzume takes a few members of the group to gather some food and water, they are then forced to hide from an inhumanity.
:bulletorange: - Twilight decides to distract the inhumanity while the others get everyone else to help, the inhumanity is revealed to be a Coming Storm breed.
:bulletblue: - After realizing she's immune to all his wind attacks, Coming Storm calls Twilight a "Reclaimer". No one's aware of what this means however.
:bulletblack: - The Coming Storm is destroyed, but not by Twilight who only weakened him.
:bulletgreen: - The girl who was with Firenze gives the finishing blow to Coming Storm, she holds up a necklace with a light blue crystal and asks who called her here, Twilight's surprised upon seeing the necklace as its her necklace.
:bulletpurple: - Twilight gets back her necklace while the red crystal necklace goes to the girl who's name is revealed to be Asuna.
:bulletred: - An army of Thrashing Terrors tries to attack the resistance,
:bulletblack: - The entire Thrashing Terror army is destroyed by Twilight, Asuna and Flareina.
:bulletgreen: - Due to Asuna's actions, Flareina's arm is broken and the others minus Twilight are angered.
:bulletred: - A Tidal Destruction attacks the resistance while they're weakened from two battles in one day.
:bulletpurple: - Asuna is revealed to be a Reclaimer.
:bulletblack: - The Tidal Destruction is destroyed.
:bulletred: - The substitute leader sends out two armies, one to attack Twilight and Asuna and another to attack the others. The unique Inhumanity Deadly Bullet and Blade Runner each lead one of the armies.
:bulletblue: - The other members of the resistance seem to find a stronger level for their light.
:bulletblack: - Deadly Bullet's half of the army and himself are destroyed by the other members of the resistance.
:bulletblack: - Blade Runner's half of the army and herself are destroyed by Twilight and Asuna.
:bulletgreen: - Twilight, Asuna, Alizeena, Yuralee, Uzume and Selyia all go into the forest to look for someone or something that Twilight and Asuna's necklaces are guiding them towards.
:bulletpurple: - The group meets Ruri who helps them safely spend the night in the forest.
:bulletorange: - A Wyvern runs wild at attacks the group due to an amputated horn, Ruri manages to calm it. Yuralee discovers an inhumanity cut off its horn.
:bulletpurple: - Ruri joins the resistance and they head back due to a potential inhumanity attack.
:bulletred: - An Elite breed inhumanity called Jetting Arson attacks and reveal that Judgment Joker's dark technology can now make a whole breed into cyborgs.
:bulletpurple: - Ruri's revealed to be the Reclaimer of the Land.
:bulletblack: - The Jetting Arson is destroyed by Ruri.
:bulletred: - The inhumanity find out there's something interesting at the facility that released the warning message.
Hearts in Harmony - Timeline: Part 2
The first one reached its bullet limitation, so I had to make a new one.

Edit: Events from Chapter 15 added
The currently unnamed resistance group is a small group fighting the inhumanity to try and live until they can have a better way to fight back, little do they know that they're holding what the inhumanity fear most and may be the group who'll save the entire Galaxy from destruction.



– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Cook

– Magic: Sky Dragon Magic


– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Gunner

– Magic: Flare Dragon Magic


– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Pilot

– Magic: Land Dragon Magic

Zuliel Cravell

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Power Management

– Magic: Tether Magic

Lurinui Adiele

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Engineer/Architect

– Magic: Building Magic

Kaguya Econo

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Recon

– Magic: Sword Art Magic

Nalarumi Kruwsti

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Doctor

– Magic: Matter Change Magic

Uzume-Lie Vizzolini

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Unknown

– Magic: Unknown

Yuralee Nediski

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Advisor

– Magic: Explosion Magic

Melody Musici

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Musician

– Magic: Sound Magic

Alizeena Shreala

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Medic

– Magic: Rubber Magic

Larulee Vendalo

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Mechanic

– Magic: Technology Magic

Julia Jurgan

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Espionage

– Magic: Camouflage Magic

Selyia Aladime

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: First Aid

– Magic: Sixth Sense Magic

Flareina Eaglehart

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Ammo Management

– Magic: Friction Magic

Star Panganelli

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Coordination and Communication

– Magic: Molding Magic

Amalinee Dynan

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Supply Management

– Magic: Thought Magic

Kiyuhlee Villee

– Species: Aetherial

– Gender: Female

– Resistance Job: Weapon Maintenance

– Magic: Willpower Magic
Hearts in Harmony - Resistance Members
Here's a list of all the members that currently make up yet to be named resistance group Twilight and her friends are part of. This will be updated as more members join or leave and once the group gets an official name.

Edit: Added things revealed in Chapter 15
Proof of our Friendship by Sky-Dragoon-Twilight
Proof of our Friendship
As early as the first arc, some of the characters were shown wearing necklaces that were a simple string like substance attached to a silver ball (I think that's the official name for that metal part) with gold stars embedded onto the middlemost section, and attached to the bottom of the ball is a colored crystal while floating over the sides of its top part are smaller shards that take the form of wings. As of the second arc its revealed that 12 of these necklaces exist and that each one of them belongs to one of Twilight eleven friends that she's forgotten about due to her Amnesia.

Alizeena thinks that these crystals are all fragments of a "Link Crystal" which is a rare crystal used by close friends to make a symbol of their friendship, however its seems that these crystals are so much more are so far the people known to own them have all been people the Inhumanity call "Reclaimers" which seems to hint there's something more to them than anyone realizes so far. Do the crystals have a relationship to Twilight's strange power that the inhumanity fear, or are they nothing more than regular charms that were put on necklaces? Perhaps the answer will be revealed when the twelve friends finally reunite.

The owners of each color crystal are the following:

~Red: Asuna
~Orange: ???
~Yellow: ???
~Green: Ruri
~Sky Blue: Twilight
~Blue: ???
~Purple: ??? (Currently in Twilight's possession)
~Pink: ???
~Brown: ???
~White: ???
~Gray: ???
~Black: ???
Chapter 15 – Frenzy in the Forest, Part 2

Twilight: Now let’s get back to the others! Time for the tornado express!

Uzume: The what?

Twilight: Time for a spin!

Twilight begins to spin in place incredibly fast which eventually caused a mini-tornado to form where she stood, and as she kept spinning all of her friends were quickly pulled inside the cyclone. After all her friends were pulled inside, the tornado began to race through the forest at the same speed one would see from a formula 1 race car. After travelling for about five minutes, the tornado managed to get out of the forest, once it got into a large clearing near the fields of the meadow the tornado finally slowed itself down and Twilight stood where it was as the others all fell onto the ground.

Twilight: Alright, we just saved 3 hours! How are you all doing?

Twilight turns and her smile went flat as she realized that unlike herself, everyone else wasn’t immune to the wind or used to spinning at the rate she head. As a result, the entire trip had left them all dizzy, disoriented and possible even very nauseous.

Twilight: Oops, sorry about that guys. Are all of you OK?

Ruri picks herself and then shakes her head a bit before giving a big grin.

Ruri: Woo, now I know I made the right choice with joining you guys! Things are gonna be way more fun than they were while I was living in the forest!

Asuna struggled to stand and then slapped both her cheeks twice, knocking away the rest of her dizziness.

Asuna: Next time warn us when you’re about to do that Twilight. Although right now there’s a bigger question we have to ask... Where is the inhumanity that attacked the Wyvern?

Everyone looked around the area and there was a whole bunch of nothing except the flowers, greenery, trees and the familiar lakebed from afar, there wasn’t even a single sign of an inhumanity being nearby or having been in the area recently at all, and there were no sounds being made either leaving them to hear nothing but empty silence. Even if the alarm to the base had gone off, they way too far from the base for them to even hear the alarm if it had actually gone off, and if it had gone off their friends would have probably already been fighting that inhumanity by now.

Ruri: Maybe the inhumanity in the forest was there for a different reason? It does seem like they’re multi-tasking, so they might not have sent one to attack you again just yet.

Asuna: So you’re saying we left the forest when we didn’t even need to leave in the first place? Well that’s just great, now we have to start all-

Suddenly a feint sound was heard in the air.

Uzume: Wait, do you guys hear that?

Ruri: Yeah, it’s a bit weak but I definitely hear something.

Soon the sound became more noticeable turning into a buzzing before it was clear it was the sound of an engine from something flying in the sky.

Twilight: We weren’t wrong about an inhumanity attack, we just got here earlier than it did.

Alizeena: But question is... where is it this inhumanity?

~Meadow, Resistance Base

Back near the base the others were all still soundly asleep in their sleeping bags, their slumber was deep and peaceful as Kiyuhlee was unaware Amalinee had shifted her head onto her lap while Star was unaware that Flareina was subconsciously hugging her. Right as everyone’s sleep looked like it wouldn’t be disturbed... the alarm went off and suddenly everyone suddenly shot their eyes open as the alarm scared them back into consciousness.

Zuliel: Holy crap! *breathes* I can’t believe an inhumanity would try to attack us this early? I mean they don’t seem to do anything when night comes.

Star: Yeah, this is a new... one.

Star finally noticed Flareina had been hugging her and Flareina also noticed this, Flareina let go of the hug as both of them blushed a bit.

Flareina: Sorry!

Star: It’s OK, we were unconscious.

Kiyuhlee tried to get up but soon noticed Amalinee’s head was resting on her lap, Amalinee’s face shook with horror once she realized it and quickly rushed into another room.

Amalinee: I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, don’t hurt me!

Kiyuhlee: *growls* Oh for the love of, I’m not gonna hurt you over a subconscious sleeping habit!

Kaguya uses her hands to whistle catching everyone off guard and making them cover their ears.

Kaguya: Guys, focus on the alarm already! We need to stop that inhumanity before it gets to the base.

Zuliel: Yeah, ignore everything right now. Stopping this thing is more important.

Everyone soon ran outside to go find the inhumanity, unaware that it was about to start fighting the rest of their friends.

~Meadow, the field area

Meanwhile back with the others they were still looking around for the inhumanity that was most likely the source of the sound they were hearing. They were looking at both the ground and the air, but there was still no sight of the black monster in the area.

Alizeena: That must have been the inhumanity, but just where is it? It can’t be invisible can it?

(?): Oh yes, I’m not invisible. However there is something I am, and that’s...

Suddenly the group all rolled away from where they were standing as a flurry of Vulcan blasts rained down from low in the sky, right after the sight of something flying fast in the same direction as the attack was seen before it flew back into the air and began to slow down. The six friends all looked up in the air to see what had just flown past them, and soon they got their answer as they saw a cyborg-like inhumanity with a completely different body shape from all the breeds that they had seen by this point hover in the air. Upon taking a closer look they noticed that parts of its body had been cut apart and combined with the metal parts it caused the inhumanity to look more like a living air plane with legs than an inhumanity. Its three tails had also been straightened out to act like the fins of an airplane’s tail for, most likely to give it more speed while it was flying, or as a form of attack. The inhumanity hovered a bit lower towards the heroes and looked directly at them.

(?): ...Overhead of you!

Ruri: Am I just crazy, or is that inhumanity some sort of cyborg?

Asuna: It’s a cyborg alright, it must be another of those artificial inhumanity that have started popping up.

(?): Oh no, I’m not artificial. My breed had the honor of being the very first to be entirely enhanced through the technology of my master’s design! So you heart holder scum should best be prepared, for I am the first of the new and improved Jetting Arson breed, the breed that will destroy even the Reclaimers!

Ruri: Reclaim what now?

Jetting Arson: Taste my Bombardment Barrage!

Jetting Arson flies forward and then circles the group as it drops a fleet of Vulcan fire at them from its feet, preparing to destroy them all before they could even act against it. Everyone ducked as Asuna held out her arms so everyone would be shielded by her fire immunity as the flurry of Vulcan was being blasted at them, the intensity giving them almost no opportunity to react. Jetting Arson cackled madly as he kept up his deadly storm of hellfire at them.

Jetting Arson: Take this! Take all of it, burn into the ashes of this pathetic world and all of its useless existence for all eternity!

Jetting Arson’s cackling only grew in wickedness and volume as Asuna continued defending at the front of the attack, she was however starting to be overwhelmed by the sheer force of the barrage.

Asuna: We’ve gotta do something! We’re setting ducks right now and I don’t think I can hold up much longer!

Ruri: If only we could cancel out the fire he’s using against us, then we could separate so we can’t be attacked as a group.

Twilight’s eyes suddenly widened.

Twilight: Cancel fire? Of course, how did I forget about that? Asuna, can you hold for at least another minute?

Asuna: Another minute should be fine, but please hurry!

Twilight: No worries.

Twilight inhaled deeply.

Twilight: Sky Dragon’s Roar!

Twilight’s mouth breathed out a mighty cyclone, Jetting Arson’s flames all suddenly extinguished themselves halfway towards their targets as the tornado’s sheer power caused each force to negate the other. Ruri’s jaw dropped in surprise at what Twilight was doing.

Ruri: Holy!

Jetting Arson: Impossible!

Twilight: Everyone split up now!

The other six heroes moved a different direction away from the attack, after everyone had moved out of the way Twilight stopped her roar and back flipped away from the rest of the flames. Now they no longer had the disadvantage of being attacked as a group.

Jetting Arson: You heart holding cheaters!

Twilight: Look who’s calling who a cheater!

Twilight flew into the sky towards Jetting Arson and circled around him with all the speed she had, eventually she moved fast enough she was able to form 3 afterimages of herself to confuse the inhumanity. Jetting Arson kept looking at each after image as he tried to find the real one and avoid being hit by a surprise attack. However this left him oblivious to what everyone else was preparing to do.

Alizeena: Rubber Magic, Giant Balloon Gun!

Alizeena blew on both her thumbs causing her hands to become large, she pulled them both back and then thrust both of them directly at Jetting Arson’s distracted backside. Right at that moment Jetting Arson turned to see the attack coming at him right as it was about to hit.

Jetting Arson: Oh no you don’t, I won’t let any of you hit me even once!

Jetting Arson moved his arms and legs to increase his agility to cleanly dodge Alizeena’s giant fists before they hit by mere inches.

Jetting Arson: Hah! Your accuracy is a load of-

Alizeena: Gotcha!

Alizeena soon wiggled and pulled back on her left arm, the action resulted in her left arm shrinking as the inflation inside traveled into her right arm as a result causing it to become even larger to his surprise. With the increase size her right arm’s punch extended out even further and it slammed Jetting Arson right in the face. Jetting Arson was pushed a bit back into the air and his head was now almost a full crumpled heap, his body expelled heat as his anger grew. He was so mad he didn’t even realize Twilight and her after images were gone now.


Jetting Arson began to spin around and launch fire from every part of his body, everyone began to dodge the flurry the best they could while Asuna just took the attack due to her immunity. As everyone dodged Uzume took a moment to grab her rifle and charge it.

Uzume: I’ve got this!

Uzume backflips to dodge one of the flames, and while still upside down she aims her rifle at Jetting Arson and gets a lock on as a magic bullet forms at the tip. She spins her containment wheel to switch her ammo and then puts her hand on the trigger

Uzume: Sniper Magic, Magnetic Bullet!

Uzume fires the bullet out right as she lands, the magical bullet strikes Jetting Arson’s already damaged face and his body starts shaking as his body gets frozen in place and his attack is forcible ended. Uzume lands on the ground with a smile.

Jetting Arson: What is this, what did you do to me?

Uzume: You’re body is half metal, so it’s extremely vulnerable to any form of magnetism!

Jetting Arson’s eyes shift into shock as he tries in vain to move away in vain.

Uzume: Quick everyone, attack him now!

Selyia: Right. Sixth Sense Magic, Balance Breaker!

Selyia’s eyes closed as she senses the body of Jetting Arson, eventually she finds the core of the inhumanity’s energy and then flashes her eyes open and gain a golden hue as her senses link into his body. She thrusts her finger forward and suddenly Jetting Arson screams as some of his wires are slightly cut and his body structure crumples a bit.

Yuralee: Toss me up Asuna!

Asuna: You got it!

Asuna grabs Yuralee and then spins her around three times before letting go and launching her at Jetting Arson, Yuralee then curls into a ball and starts doing continuous front flips as she nears him and her body begins to glow orange as she prepared to use her magic.

Yuralee: Explosion Magic, Dynamite Impact!

Yuralee’s body soon slams into Jetting Arson, and right as it did her magic exploded right out of her and dealt a critical hit to the flying inhumanity’s body. Yuralee fell on the ground soon after and shook her head, smiling at her work after regaining her senses.

Yuralee: Nailed it!

Jetting Arson: You heart holder scum!

Jetting Arson slowly regained his ability to move as Uzume’s magnetic bullet began to wear off.

Asuna: Now for my turn, let’s go for it Twilight!

Jetting Arson was confused by what Asuna said as she inhaled, this caused him to be distracted enough he didn’t notice Twilight shoot out of the cloud she was hiding in. At the same time Twilight prepared her own attack as she began spinning in midair forming a spiral of wind around her for her own attack.

Asuna: Flare Dragon’s Roar!

Jetting Arson was struck by the crimson red flames being shot towards him, but as the inhumanity also used fire it didn’t faze him that much.

Jetting Arson: You’ll have to do better than fire to hurt me!

Twilight: We know, that’s why it was a feint!

Jetting Arson’s yes moved shifted into looks of surprise at that comment and turned too late to see Twilight’s attack near him, with the effects of the magnetic bullet still not fully worn off and her current distance from him there was no chance for Jetting Arson to dodge it.

Twilight: Sky Dragon’s Spiral Breaker!

Jetting Arson was thrown onto the ground as a huge dent was made on his head and a huge gash was cut open on his body causing it to glow orange. Twilight landed on the ground before him and jumped away from his crash.

Twilight: Oh yeah! Take that!

Jetting Arson: You think... that this is enough for you... to win? No, it’s not! You can crush my body, but my body will not fall to these mediocre attempts!

Jetting Arson’s body curled up into a ball shape and then he began to turn a bit red as he used his fire to make heat begin to build up inside him, his body shook as it temporarily melded together for a brief moment before separating again. After he uncurled himself, while the damage on the organic areas of his body didn’t change as apparent by the recent gash Twilight had made and the brief bit of exhaustion noticed by his shaky movement, all of his metal parts had been melded back into their original shape and his wires were no longer sliced.

Uzume: Uh oh! He just healed himself!

Selyia: No, he didn’t heal himself. He just was just able to meld most of his body shape back to normal. He’s obviously weaker now, but I don’t think any damage we do to his metal parts will stay.

Jetting Arson: Now taste my anger, the last of your power as my own... Vice of the Vengeance!

Jetting Arson used the last of the magnetic bullet’s power to shoot out fireballs and then control how they moved in midair. Twilight and Ruri managed to dodge and none of the fireballs bothered to go after Asuna due to her immunity, but the remaining fireballs struck Uzume, Selyia and Alizeena knocking them all back. Another fireball struck Yuralee and then the spot she stood on exploded as she was launched backwards into a tree, slightly covered in ash.

Yuralee: I knew it... I can explode against... my will...

Yuralee takes a few steps forward before she falls face forward onto the ground and falls unconscious.

Asuna: *growls* If you like fire, then let’s see how you like it spicy! Flare Dragon’s Wildfire!

Asuna holds out her hand and expels a bunch of fire from them that shot out wildly without any control towards Jetting Arson. However now that Jetting Arson’s movement was no longer affected by the magnetic bullet he was able to move around with his full agility and dodged all of Asuna’s flames.

Twilight: I’ve got this! Sky Dragon’s Wind Bullet! Wind Bullet! Wind Bullet!

Twilight punches the air repeatedly forming fists made of wind towards Jetting Arson, without even turning around the flying inhumanity once again dodged all of the attacks being shot at him. After dodging the attack he finally turns around to face Twilight.

Jetting Arson: Now take this! Bombardment Breath!

Twilight had no time to react as Jetting Arson released a powerful flame from the front of his body and shot it straight at her, the power of the strike was strong enough to forcibly send her to the ground while at the same time the back end of Jetting Arson somehow shot off his tails which flew at Asuna like blades and slashes her, Twilight and Asuna struggle to get back up as Jetting Arson lands on the ground and moves his eyes into a smirk, he motions his hand in a mocking “come get me” form as his tails swing back onto its body.

Jetting Arson: Come on, let me destroy you. Get back up and fight me until you die!

Uzume: Dang it, this inhumanity’s too fast for us, and I don’t think I’ll be able to hit him with another magnetic bullet. Ruri, you’ve gotta fight with your magic too!

Ruri: I’m sorry Uzume but I can’t, I haven’t learned how to use magic yet.

Uzume: Are you serious!?

Ruri: That’s kinda what I went about having nothing to offer, I think I can still do something though, I just need the right opportunity for it to work.

Alizeena: Then we’ve gotta keep fighting, we let attacks like those bring us down.

Uzume: Yeah, we’ve gotta keep fighting!

Other than Yuralee who was still unconscious, the others all managed to stand back up.

Jetting Arson: So you’re pathetic enough to keep standing despite how much of my power you’ve witnessed? Hah! Then I’ll just prepare your end earlier than scheduled! Begin charge now!

Jetting Arson’s exhaust pipes expel heat before sucking it back inside, Jetting Arson’s body gains a red hue as the heat began to build and increase inside his body.

Ruri: What are you trying to do?

Jetting Arson: Sorry, no spoilers! But I can say this!

Jetting Arson flew back up into the sky and formed a ball of flames in front of his face.

Jetting Arson: I can still use other attacks even while I’m charging up this one! Now taste my Inferno Deathblow!

Jetting Arson spat a giant fireball at the group, however right as it was about to hit the group...

Flareina: Friction Magic, Heat Whip!

A whip of visible heat lines shoots out and cuts the fireball apart through the middle, Jetting Arson’s eyes went wide at the sight.

Jetting Arson: What the hell?

Suddenly Flareina along with the other members of the resistance appeared in the flying inhumanity’s view, Jetting Arson growled from anger at what he saw.

Jetting Arson: Really? The rest of you heart holder scum have to show right as I’m about to kill your friends!? You’ll pay for your interference!

Star: Good luck with that, because you’re not beating us!

Amalinee: *notices* Hey, who’s this?

Twilight: A girl we met in the forest, saved us from a Wyvern.

Ruri: More like I calmed it down.

Jetting Arson: Enough chatter, now all of you... die!

Jetting Arson flies towards the group as fire flares out of his body from his anger.

Zuliel: Get ready!

~Unknown, Judgment Joker’s throne room

The inhumanity were still cleaning and fixing up the messy throne room as the substitute leader sat on Judgment Joker’s throne watching, she could have been helping but this wasn’t her throne room and she wasn’t part of his army so she just used that as an excuse to do nothing. While sitting on the throne she noticed an energy screen form in front of her, she tapped it and the screen lit up before showing the silhouette of her master.

(?): Master, is there something that you need? Or is it just progress on Judgment Joker’s work?

I: While my primary purpose was giving you a command for you to carry, but I do believe Judgment Joker would like to be updated as well. Has there been any progress with his technology so far?

The substitute leader motions her eyes into a smirking position.

(?): I gave it to the Jetting Arson breed, now they’ve all become super powered cyborgs. I’ve sent one to attack that Reclaimer heart holder group for further studying. Now... what were you saying about giving me a command?

I: Right, do you remember the facility that sent the message that Judgment Joker’s efforts failed to stop and forced us to invade early?

(?): Yeah, I know of it. What about it though? That entire place is a wreckage now and it’s been completely abandoned.

I: That’s what I had believed, but one of the inhumanity of Leader II’s faction contacted me stating they felt something around that area. As that facility is in your faction’s area he wasn’t allowed to investigate, so I ask you send a Satellite Sneaker to scan the area for anything irregular. Who knows, it could be one of them.

(?): Hmm... Alright then master, I’ll check it out. End of line.

The substitute leader hangs up and then turns her head.

(?): I need a Satellite Sneaker here fast!

A small inhumanity similar to the Sleuth Stalker only with its flippers being larger to act as wings and its tail shaped like a tuning fork flew into the room.

Satellite Sneaker: *clicks in response*

(?): I need you to go to this location ASAP.

The substitute leader moved a screen in front of her and touched it to reveal a map, she swiped down on it to zoom in and then pressed a spot turning it into a red dot. The Satellite salutes with its tail and then clicks again as it flies off.

(?): Things are falling into place. The moment we go beyond this point, even the Reclaimers will no longer be able to stop us!

~Meadow, the field area

Jetting Arson: Flare Fury!

The flares coming out of Jetting Arson’s body finally shoot out as streams of flames, Lurinui rushed in front of the ground.

Lurinui: Time to put up a blockade! Building Magic, Fortress!

Three slabs of earth rise from the ground as Lurinui slammed her hands on it, the three slabs managed to block the storm of fire that struck them and still stay intact.

Jetting Arson: No you don’t! Burn through, melt that defense into nothingness!

Jetting Arson spits out more to burn each slab down and succeeds as all three of them crumble to the ground as another fireball prepares to hit the heroes, right at that moment Kaguya was prepared for the slabs to break.

Kaguya: Sword Art Magic, Sheath...

Kaguya draws her sword out and slashes before landing and slowly sheathing her sword back into place. When she fully sheathed it...

Kaguya: ...Slash!

The fireball was not only cut in half, but it was shot back at Jetting Arson who was slightly blown back by it. Right as that happened most of the others had begun preparing spells to cast at him.

Kiyuhlee: Willpower Magic, Sheer Force!

Amalinee: Thought Magic, Water Stream!

Flareina: Friction Magic, Almighty Push!

Star: Molding Magic, Rock Throw!

The flurry of attacks strikes Jetting Arson’s gash hard causing him to feel great pain, he screamed as he fell back and nearly fell onto the ground before catching himself. The flying inhumanity’s eyes shook with anger as he stared at all the Aetherials standing before him and he roared.

Jetting Arson: You will all die! Die! DIE! DIE!!!

Suddenly Jetting Arson’s red hue began to become extremely red and caused the surrounding area to become extremely hot.

Uzume: That attack he said he was charging *gasps* Quick everyone, get out of the way!

Everyone began to run from the attack, but they weren’t quick enough to do so.

Jetting Arson: Burn in the fiery pits of destruction and be utterly annihilated! Hellfire Immolation!!!

Jetting Arson’s red hue travels to the front of its head and he shoots out a fire-like laser at the heroes, the force of the beam was so incredible it ripped apart the ground like a super blazing inferno, luckily as the heroes were running away they managed avoid enough of the attack’s power to escape being killed but were left very injured. Only Ruri who was ahead of everyone due to being behind everyone else before they ran was completely unharmed.

Ruri: Guys!

Soon Jetting Arson lands on the ground near the group and prepares another attack, noticing where she was and where Jetting Arson was she realized now she could act and help everyone. Soon Jetting Arson at the group and laughed heavily. He clapped his hands together and started to laugh at them mockingly.

Jetting Arson: Look at you, like all damn heart holders you fight back and want to live. Well too bad because you can’t win, you will all perish and we will be victorious as we make our ultimate wish a reality!

Soon Jetting Arson snapped his claws, from beyond the mountains a bunch of rookie inhumanity began flying in which each of them carrying a small laser cannon.

Jetting Arson: The Light is destined to be extinguish, and all life linked to it shall die along with it! These weak rookie class inhumanity will prove it as they all earn the honor of silencing you forever! For now this is game... set... and match-

Ruri: No you don’t!

Right as Jetting Arson was about to strike, Ruri slingshot herself using a tree going past the army of rookies and landed on Jetting Arson’s head and then grabbing two of his horns. Jetting Arson felt his head being forced to move backwards from her grip and the rookies did nothing but watch as they didn’t know what to do without Jetting Arson’s giving them a command.

Jetting Arson: You heart holder bastard! Let me go, let me go right now!

Jetting Arson unintentionally took into the air and began thrashing around, his movements becoming erratic as he cared about nothing more than throwing Ruri off of him. However just like with the Wyvern, Ruri’s grip wasn’t loosened or shaken by the intense thrashing of the flying inhumanity. Everyone managed to look up and see Ruri as she hung onto the inhumanity despite all its efforts.

Zuliel: Whoa, that’s amazing!

Amalinee: It’s like her hands are glued to that inhumanity.

Ruri: Alright, time for you to... obey me!

Ruri tightened her grip and pulled down on the two horns she grabbed and Jetting Arson shrieked in pain, moments after Ruri began to control his movements and made him turn towards the mountain and crash into it at full speed.

Jetting Arson: Augh! How dare you do this to me, stop making me crash right now or I’ll destroy you!

Ruri: You’ll do that anyways, so I think I’ll keep doing it! In fact, I think I’ll do a little more!

Jetting Arson: You heart holding scum, I’ll destroy you even if it means I must perish! Now my Wicked Wings, at-

Ruri suddenly forces Jetting Arson to spin horizontally in midair as she turned him towards the army of Wicked Wings he had called and made him fly right past them as she made him aim for the mountain walls again. Right as he was forced to fly by he destroyed all the Wicked Wings in his path before he crashed into the wall of a mountain again. This time the force sent rocks flying that struck the Wicked Wings, due to them being Rookie class inhumanity the force of the flying stones caused them to dissolve as they were destroyed from the impact.

Jetting Arson: My army! What have you done to it!?

Ruri: I destroyed it, duh! Now let’s destroy the rest of it!

The rest of the resistance all watched with amazement as Ruri continued the pattern of making Jetting Arson rush through his army, crashing into the mountain to harm him, and then having the debris strike more of the Wicked Wing army. After repeating this 5 more times the entire army of Wicked Wings had been destroyed and Jetting Arson was a complete wreck, now even parts of his metal body had broken off entirely revealing the lack of skin behind them.

Ruri: Take this inhumanity!

Ruri went for one more crash, but Jetting Arson screamed with anger.

Jetting Arson: That’s it, I’ve had enough of you making a fool of me!

Right as Jetting Arson was about to hit the way, he forced his head to turn so much he partially ripped some of it off. When he crashed most of the right side of his head hit the mountain and was destroyed as a result, which included one of the horns that Ruri was holding onto, Ruri fell to the ground with a powerful thud as Jetting Arson flew down near her.

Jetting Arson: Feel all the anger you’ve given to me, the anger towards you! Fanatical Rage Burst!

Ruri was soon hit with a powerful assault of flames that struck her as if an entire armada of weapons was aiming at a single person, Jetting Arson laughed wickedly as he did so and the others could only watch as they were still too weak to do more than crawl.

Twilight: Ruri!

Soon the assault ended and Ruri was shown to be OK despite all the power thrown at her.

Ruri: *pants* It’s a good thing I have that super durability... or that would have killed me.

Jetting Arson: Look at you, so high and mighty when you had that advantage over me, yet the moment you lost it you became like this while I did not! This is what makes you heart holder scum weaker than us, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Aetherial heart holder, a Dragon heart holder or even some might god of a heart holder, you can’t defeat us! During our First War your entire “humanity” as you called it was annihilated, and during our Second we purposely made you think you one to only smash down on you again while you were weak and didn’t think you had to prepare for us coming back!

Jetting Arson’s begins to laugh lightly.

Jetting Arson: That’s because we, the Inhumanity, have power and you do not! It’s the sad fact you heart holders will never overcome because unlike us, you have hearts and they make you weak! We however have thrown away our hearts and the limitations that come with them, with that we have power that you could never obtain because of the feelings and caring we tossed away! That’s why we are superior and why we possess the power that brings us to perfection!

Jetting Arson laughs maniacally at Ruri waiting for her to show despair, however after waiting for a moment he stopped once he realized he didn’t sense any despair or any other negative emotions for that matter. After waiting longer he growled.

Jetting Arson: What’s this? Why aren’t you feeling despair!?

Ruri begins to chuckle to Jetting Arson’s surprise.

Ruri: I’m quite shocked that you think that’s what power is. Humanity itself seeks strength, yet at the same time we never knew what it meant to be strong. Your words did help me realize one thing about what strength is and what it means to be strong. The strength we seek is nothing like what you describe. The power within the 40 species of Humanity, the power humans possess, that’s the source of and destination for all of life. The power you talk about is the opposite of what we seek, because it can only destroy.

Ruri’s eyes flash open and she gives a powerful smile.

Ruri: So now... I’ll show you what real strength is. It’s the courage to stand up in the face of evil, and emerge victorious!

Jetting Arson suddenly laughs.

Jetting Arson: What is this nonsense? Power is power, there is no difference!

Jetting Arson’s claw set themselves on fire and he rushes at Ruri and then uses both of his arms claws to punch her, but to his surprise she caught his claws and the flames were dispelled. Suddenly Jetting Arson noticed a faint glow coming from Ruri’s body, right at that moment the sun finally went past the horizon and it truly became day and a green glow was seen inside Ruri’s shirt.

Twilight: That glow, it couldn’t be...

At that moment Twilight and Asuna noticed the crystals on their necklaces rise up and point at Ruri, it was that moment the green glow rose and revealed a necklace with a green crystal like their own! Everyone suddenly went wide eyed in surprise.

Asuna: I... I don’t believe it... Ruri was the one we were looking for this entire time!

Jetting Arson: Let go of me, let go right now!

Ruri: Here’s your answer!

Ruri yells loudly as power builds up inside her.

Ruri: Land Dragon’s... ROAR!!!

Ruri unleashes a burst of green energy that contained fragments of rock and stone from her mouth at Jetting Arson at face point, and the inhumanity feels the full force of the impact.

Jetting Arson: No way, you actually... possess this... power!!!

Jetting Arson was launched into the mountain wall again, this time leaving a huge indent where he hit it. Right after he falls to the ground as hi body begins to breaks apart.

Jetting Arson: How can this be? You’re the... Reclaimer of the... Land... Ugh...

With that Jetting Arson’s body dissolved and the remaining metal pieces fell to the ground, now just ordinary pieces of iron and steel. Ruri breathes heavily from what she just did and then actually realizes what she had just done.

Ruri: What did I just do?

Twilight: Ruri.

Ruri turns as Twilight and Asuna finally manage to stand up, they show their necklaces to her.

Ruri: They’re just like mine... wait, I was what you guys were looking for?

Twilight: Yeah, your one of our missing friends.

Ruri blinks for a moment.

Ruri: I’m what!?

The Sleuth Stalker hiding in the area clicks worried as it feared how the substitute leader would take the news of the 3rd Reclaimer being found, once it knew they weren’t looking it disappeared in a portal.

~Unknown Location

The Satellite Sneaker flew around the area, swinging its tail trying to pick up something around the area of the wreckage of an abandoned Facility building. After feeling it couldn’t find anything it landed on the building and gave a look of slight annoyance. Right as it landed its tail hit the building and suddenly its eyes widened as it detected something. It hit its tail on the building a few more times to make sure it actually got a detected and realized it had detected something. Once it realized what it detected it nearly lost its balance and began flying back.

Satellite Sneaker: *clicks loudly in surprise*!

The Satellite Sneaker flapped its wings harder as it tried to hurry back to the substitute leader as fast as possible, it had to hurry before anything or anyone saw it and the information was lost. This is something both the substitute leader and the official inhumanity leaders would consider valuable. Meanwhile inside the building someone turned towards the ceiling.

(?): What was that?
Hearts in Harmony - Chapter 15
And then there were 3, though I feel I still might have made it too obvious last chapter that Ruri was a Reclaimer. I might need to work on doing a shocking reveal a little more before I try doing it again. It seems that the plan that Judgment Joker, Leader I and the substitute leader are working on are coming closer and closer to it's fruition, and it seems like for once they have a leader over the heroes on something that may or may not be important. Why exactly would something in a destroyed research facility be important exactly? Most of all, what is this mission related to it that's been mentioned but not given any answers toward?

I can't believe we're already at the halfway point for this arc, its pretty exciting for me, and I bet exciting for most of the fans of the series. I'd also like to honor the Street Fighter series as the scene and quote that Ruri said was inspired through the similar scene of the Street Fighter IV movie, that's such an awesome line of inspiration you said there Ryu! Now I hope everyone's ready for some action, because the next four chapters will all piece together, and at the same time I'm going to let you see the backstories between the characters in the resistance, so far you barely know anything about them so its time they get as much as a chance to shine. So look forward to it in the last 4 chapters of this arc and the first saga of the series!
*laughs* Oh my god, you guys won't believe what I just found out. I find it both shocking yet at the same time hilarious!

It seems for the longest time, everyone who's been translating the Fairy Tail had made a major error in translating one single name! *giggles* You see the Fairy Tail series has a "Monthly Fairy Tail" thing where official information comes out, and each volume brings in new information that can be shown due to the manga having more and more chapters released. The latest Volume is the 11th, and this volume revealed a shocker on something major.

A prominent theme in the series are the Dragon Slayers, and so far there are 7 who each possess an element. Up until now we believed these seven forms of it were Fire, Iron, Sky, Lightning, Poison, White and Shadow. However according to the latest Volume... you see, most people assumed the White Dragon Slayer magic was a form of holiness rather than light, as light magic that had already been seen in the series did not have a similarity. I was never fully sure as there have been various forms of fire magic, and wind and sky magic are similar despite being different types of magic.

That's where Volume 11 of the Monthly Fairy Tail's brought the shocking revelation, all this time we've been translating the name of White Dragon Slayer Magic wrong its real name is... *drum roll plays*

Light Dragon Slayer Magic!

That's right, all this time people have not only been translating White Dragon Slayer Magic by the wrong name, but it actually is Dragon Slayer magic that uses light alongside holiness. *laughs* I'm not sure if they'll be fixing the translations for the Manga, subtitles for the Japanese and correct some lines in a dub, but this was a REALLY big mistranslation. I've never seen anything of such a magnitude before. Its like seeing a formula that someone worked a week on be wrong because of an error they made at the very beginning and didn't notice.

*laughs* If some of you have been needing to get a laugh today, I hope this gave you it because I'm still laughing in shock and disbelief on how this managed to go unchecked for so long!


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